‘Incubus Dreams’, by Laurell K. Hamilton

Make your coffee strong, because I’m not gonna be shy about this review! Buckle up, this was written out of passion. And anger.


(Goodreads: Incubus Dreams (Laurell K. Hamilton) )


I was in the middle of my wildest teenage years when a couple of friends gave me the first Anita Blake book, because they thought I would like it. And I did. We all did. It even got to the point when we bought Hamilton’s books for each other as birthday presents every year. (Still happening. Shhhh…)  I was slowly reading through this series, and then somewhere in the middle I suddenly realized… it’s something completely different than in the beginning. I don’t enjoy reading it anymore…have I changed? Have I…(don’t say it!) grown up…?!

No, I haven’t. And it was this volume in the series that decided it. It’s not me, Laurell. It’s you.


Everytime I think about this book, I get angry.

I would probably name this so-called book the worst I’ve ever read, had I not read Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s not that much better, though. There’s just..no story. Literally, non. I can barely even remember the plot because it was so vaguely present. I’m pretty sure there weren’t even a hundred pages of this way-too-long novel that was about the plot. (If a plot even existed, really.) Actually, as I’m now thinking about it, it was kind of like Fifty Shades. Weak, insecure plot, hundreds of pages of sex.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problems with sex scenes. They can be nice, they can be exciting, or romantic, or even primal. A lot of things, a lot of emotions to radiate on the reader. They’re awesome. But they need a well-built story around them, a context that gives them power, something that makes them more than just a simple series of “he touched that, she touched that”.

By this time in the series, the author lost it. It’s just plain old phrases about sex, with no meaning at all. It’s not even exciting anymore. I really liked this series in the beginning, and I’m sorry to see what it has become to be. I feel like publishing a new book again and again in as short time as possible has become more important than properly writing said book. My thoughts during reading this novel were that it would have been a nice first draft. Something that you write for yourself, to see where it goes, what works, which scenes are keepers….then you go through it again and again, and then you give it to your editor who helps you box your copious artistic nonsense into the form of an actual book. I felt like Incubus Dreams skipped this part and went right from the author’s mind to the reader’s hands.

Let’s give it a grade!

  1. Story: 1/5
  2. Characters: 2/5 (2 for the original, well worked out characters. Not better, because the author forgets how awesome people she invented…)
  3. Style: 2/5 (because it’s still not completely an illegible chaos..)
  4. The Subjective Factor: 1/5
  • GPA: 1,5


None. The series started as something original, but this volume is just plain nonsense compared to that.

Recommend to:

Honestly, no one. Maybe, if you like porn. But it’s not really a great work of erotica either. I’d say you should only read it in case you have a bit of OCD and cannot abandon a series in the middle of it (like me).

Drink tip:

Very strong black coffee

Music room:

Halestorm’s ‘You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing’

(I’m not sure I’m completely comfortable with this choice, though. I love this song, and normally I associate it with a positive vibe. Funny thing is, that positive kind of interpretation matches the early Anita very well! In the first couple of books, I’d choose the same song for Anita, and it would be a compliment. By this volume, it’s not a compliment at all.)


I had so much hope for Anita Blake, but these last books I read took most of it away. I don’t think this series has lived up to its potential. Hamilton should learn the rule that sometimes less is more.


Have you read the Anita Blake series? Did you like it (all the way through)? I recently got the first Merry Gentry book (Hamilton’s other series). Please tell me that’s going to be better!

Hugs 🙂


9 thoughts on “‘Incubus Dreams’, by Laurell K. Hamilton

  1. Yes, I read a few of the series. I probably read this one and afew of the later ones first, I had them from the library and made the mistake (with a lot of series at the time somehow) of not reading them in order. I read this one years ago but will never forget it because of all those sex scenes! When I seen your review on twitter I had to see what you though. A lot of people say the same thing about these books, the first few are good but when you get to a certain point they aren’t anymore. I started reading them from the beginning again but haven’t continued. I like the character and love vampire books but wonder if it’s worth the time spent. I have a similar feeling with the True Blood books, not a fan of the style, bought them all but wonder if I should give my time to there or to others. so many books

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am unsure about it all, too… My friends who are up to date with even the newest volumes said there are some relatively better books left in the series, so I shouldn’t stop. But I don’t know…they also said that it’s never going to be as good as the first couple of books. I don’t know if I have time for that. I’ve read it till Harlekin, then I stopped. Then again, I have a friend who read the whole (!!) series in like a month.


      1. Wow! I’m terrible at finishing series and there’s so many books I know I will enjoy…


      2. Yes, it’s the same with me… I’ve been reading this series for like 7 years😂 I read one or two volumes at a time and then I’m like naaah, let’s read something different now

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