Monday Moodlifter

Mondays are always the monster of the week for most people. It’s the first work day, farest from the weekend, and we feel like a it’s a whole century that separates us from Glorious Friday we are looking forward to so much.

It’s a hard day to get through.

What is it that people say? Surprise the world, smile on Monday?

Yeah, I know. It’s easy to say, but who has the energy and enthusiasm to do so?

I tell you, my friend. YOU. You have.

You have everything what it takes to be happy and comfortable on a boring, long Monday. Many times I can’t believe it either, but after an eternity of squealing I realized that it’s too much time wasted on not feeling good about myself and the world around me. 52. There are 52 Mondays in a year. That’s way too much to spend lamenting about how awful everything is! I must try to see the good side of everything.

I know on these days time feels like it stopped or rather like you’re trapped inside a time-loop, but all it takes is a little boost of positive thinking and you’re already on the way to the right set of mind. That’s why I decided to start a new series of blog posts, the Monday Moodlifters, which I hope will help some people get over this hard starting of the week.

I’m gonna post about whatever good or exiting it is that happens during the day or the week, write about things to look forward to, give tips what to check out in your five-minute (or so) breaks.

So, let’s start with small steps! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or soda, or anything that you like). Your mood is already getting better, isn’t it?

Now, if you’re ready, let’s see what it is that potentially can uplift your soul today!

1. May your day be as shitty as it gets, there’s always newly published books somewhere in the world.

Isn’t that amazing? I find this so inspiring! Human artistic creativity and productivity is unstoppable. It’s also very exciting if you’re an aspiring author. So many people have made it! There’s no reason that you can’t or you won’t.

So, let’s see which books are released today or this week!

2. It’s been 189 years since making the “Typographer”, an early american typewriter precursor.

On this day, in 1829 one of the many ancestors of the modern day typewriter (is that still really a thing, though? Or typewriters are simply not modern anymore at all, with all this computerization around us?), the “Typographer” (Sounds funny, right? People probably made many typos with it!) was patented by William Austin Burt. Cool, isn’t it? For a writing (and reading) maniac like myself, this invention seems so important and impressing! It looked like this:


(picture from Wikipedia)

3. It would be Raymond Chandler’s 130th birthday today.

Happy birthday to him! We should be very grateful for all those genre-determining crime stories he wrote in his time. I personally like his style very much! How about you? (Doesn’t 1888 look wonderful for a birthday? Only 8888 will look better!)

4. Here’s some of my best-rated book reviews!

You may check them out, if you’d like to see some very enthusiastic opinions about books!

‘The Casual Vacancy’, by J.K. Rowling

‘Death by Black Hole (And other cosmic quandaries)’, by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

‘It’s a Sin’, by Steve Burford

‘Ways to die in Glasgow’, by Jay Stringer

‘The Wedding Shroud’, by Elisabeth Storrs

5. Listen to this music, this Guns ‘n Roses hit always makes me feel happy and energetic!

6. Here’s a picture of an extremely cute foxy!


I hope that I could bring a little sunshine to your ugly grey Monday! 😉

Remember, if nothing else helps, just be super nice with people, and most of them will give back! Smile! Talk to people! And if that’s not enough, or even possible, just talk to me! What is it that makes your Mondays bad? How do you try to get over it? What helps? Are you a positive worker, or you just sarcastically hate everything and everybody (as I – unfortunately – do many times)? And which book release are you the most excited about?

Hugs 🙂


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