Quote of the Week

This quote is still from last week, not because I haven’t read anything good enough to quote this week, but because I felt like this one’s very powerful. I thought it deserves to be posted, even though I already chose another one for last week.

And that, I declared, is why people fight each other. Because hope, even if false, is always chosen over despair; belief, even if misplaced, is always chosen over doubt; and power, even if used improperly, is always chosen over weakness.”

— Peter Crawley: The Wind Between Two Worlds

This book deals with the effect of war on people involved, and I think these two sentences sum the essence of it very strikingly.

I’ve been wondering about the meaning of war and hatred among people ever since I was a child. There are so many who try to justify it with so many seemingly rational reasoning that sometimes I even felt like the problem is me, kind of… in the meaning I don’t think like humans do. Or of it’s not the case, then most of humanity is…well, basically a monster.

I like this quote very much, because it explains very simply why fighting each other so cruelly exist, and it does it without making me feel like people are disgusting, hateful, dumb creatures.

Hope, belief and power. These are what we tend to be attracted to. And they don’t seem to be so bad… We should just learn to be careful with what we are capable of doing while chasing them.

What do you think about this quote? I’d be very happy to hear your opinion about this!

Hugs 🙂

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