Stars of the Season

The Best Rated Books I’ve Read This Summer!

Everybody’s taste in books is a little different, but I think nobody takes a 5-star rating lightly. Those are the books that are really worth talking about, and I feel like it’s very important to spread the word about them. I’m always so excited when somebody gives a chance to an amazing book and author I’ve read before!

Hence I decided to list the books I’ve rated the highest this summer (or since the middle of June, since I only started my blog then)! That means, 4.5 or higher.

‘A Dark-Adapted Eye’, by Ruth Rendell (nome-de-plume Barbara Vine)



‘A Dark-Adapted Eye’ is a psychological thriller that I enjoyed thoroughly and I read it very fast. You may know the author, she is pretty famous in the genre. I’ve read another book written by her that I loved, and this one did not disappoint either!

Read my review: here!



‘Death by Black Hole (And other cosmic quandaries)’, by Neil DeGrasse Tyson


This book about astrophysics is something I think everybody even a bit interested in science should read. It’s very understandable, and Tyson’s style is so funny and entertaining! You should really give this one a chance!

Full review: here!



‘The Casual Vacancy’, by J.K. Rowling


If you haven’t read this book yet, and crave to read something in Rowling’s style, don’t hesitate to start it! But please, don’t expect magic literally here! This novel is really amazing, Rowling’s writing and characters are as precious as ever, but it’s set in our ordinary world.

See what my thought on it were: here!

‘Ways to die in Glasgow’, by Jay Stringer


This crime story is really among the best in its genre, with a good plot, good characters, and a fascinating background of the city of Glasgow! I recommend it to everyone who is into hard boiled crime. It’s part of a series, the second book is already out and I can’t wait to get my paws on it!

Read my review: here!

‘The Wedding Shroud’, by Elisabeth Storrs

the wedding shroud

This book is the first volume in a trilogy, and though I was utterly impressed by it, I recommend to read all three books right after each other, because this is technically one story. It’s one arc. This first one is rather a historical romance, but seeing them all together, the whole is absolutely suitable for historical fiction in general, and is probably appealing to everyone into this genre and not just those that like romance. It’s mostly a story of war and women’s situation inthat era.

See my full review: here!

‘It’s a Sin’, by Steve Burford


I’m very glad this book made the list, because it was an ARC I got from NetGalley, and it shows that those books can reach for the highest, too! It’s a police procedural with one gay and one woman cop for main characters and I find it awesome! The sequel is already out, and I’m about to get it as well.

Read my full review: here



I hope I managed to add some tips to your TBR list! I enjoyed these books very much, and really hope that you will, too!

Have you read any of them? Are you planning to?

Visit the comment section to say what you think about these books!


Hugs 🙂


15 thoughts on “Stars of the Season

    1. I loved that one! It’s a very good hard-boiled crime novel. I really liked how it paints a picture of Glasgow as well, though of course I wouldn’t know if it’s right and realistic, since I’ve never actually visited your city. (yet! 😋) I’d love to see what you think about it! If you do read it, let me know your thoughts! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Expectations probably take away from the enjoyment of this book for a lot of people, I think. Because of HP, many readers expected something completely different, thus they ended up being disappointed with this book. I think the reason I liked it right away was that when I read it, there were already tons of unflattering reviews, and because of those I didn’t expect much from it, I was simply curious. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be great! 😀


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