Monday Moodlifter

The first Monday of the autumn is here! It sounds a bit depressing, but only until you think of all the cozy afternoons, the tea, the blanket, reading in your own little snug… Autumn is really the season of readers, isn’t it?

This is also the first year when I don’t have school on the first Monday of September. (Well, I was already doing my rotations this time last year, but that still counts as school, right?) So, this is kind of weird a bit for me now. I went to school for 18 years! 21, if we count kindergarten/preschool. Of course, I always wanted summer never to end, but it was also kind of a sense of expectation every time. We all know that feeling, right?

Wow, I’m getting nostalgic now. I’ll stop it. Let’s see what we’ve got to lift our moods this week!

1. I’d say this week is very good with new book releases!

See my list of them here: This Week’s New Releases And Reviews!

There are some pretty amazing covers here, too!

I’ve seen and liked a lot of your reviews already, but please, send me the links and then I can share them, too!!

2. A promise of another feature is on the way, too!

This time it’s not mine! See, Dave (@The_WriteReads) contacted me on Twitter about it, and it’s such an amazing idea, I feel like I must share with everyone! He basically wants to set up a site to promote book bloggers. It would mean that we send a link of one of our reviews to him, and every day he shares one of them with an excerpt of the review as well. Like a ‘Blog of the Day’ thing. Amazing, huh? Eventually, everybody who sent a review gets to be featured. If we also all follow this page, and we all share and retweet the reviews, then everyone gets a huge exposure, too. It’s a win-win, and we can all discover new bloggers and books as well! If it gets really popular, there’s a possibility of awards as well.

He said he has already talked to a lot of people, and had the same impression that I had with my posts. Everybody expressed a general liking of the idea, but not so many people have actually sent their reviews. I’m wondering why it is. Are we really that lazy? Guys, DON’T BE! This is a wonderful opportunity! Let’s profit of it! Please, if you like this idea, send a message to Dave on Twitter here! The site can only be a reality if there’s many of us!

3. This song matches my mood now!

Hope it does yours, too. It’s sweet and nice and nostalgic and everything I feel about the beginning of September!

4. A cute puppy picture is due, I guess!

brown and white border collie mix puppy
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on

I hope you have a wonderful Monday, and if not, I hope I could bring a little positivity in it! πŸ˜‰

Hugs πŸ™‚

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