‘Song for a Lost Kingdom’ by Steve Moretti

Aaaand my REVIEW is coming!!! Finally. So, put your paws on your autumn-flavored warm coffee, and let’s see what there is to talk about!

First of all, I am so sorry that it took so much time! I’ve been very busy… This one was originally supposed to be a blog tour post, but I could not finish reading the book, so that one turned out to be a hype boosting thing, with every information available! So, if you’re interested in reading more about the book and/or the author, check that post out: BLOG TOUR: ‘Song For A Lost Kingdom’ by Steve Moretti

A huge amount of thanks goes to Shalini who orgnized the tour (check out her blog tour blog, Digital Reads Blog Tours there might be some hidden treasures still avilable there 😉 ) and to the author, Steve Moretti for giving me a free copy of the novel! This is still my honest and unbiased opinion.

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Some of you may already know that music is one of the most important things to me in life. It lifts us up, fills our soul, it may touch us in places nothing else can. It can’t really be compared to anything else, yet it’s in everything, everywhere. In every move the Universe makes. So, naturally when I saw that this book is basically about the power of music, I immediately wanted to take part in the tour!

(Also, what a stunning cover it is??)


Okay, so apart from the theme of music, this book seemed to be just my kind. There’s music, there’s some kind of magic, there’s history… everything I love in a book. Maybe except for crime/mystery, but the suspense built of not knowing what this time travelling thing is exactly all about made completely up for it! I didn’t really see how these different things would mix, but somehow I instinctively felt that they suit each other well – at the end of the day, doesn’t music always have some kind of magic to it? And magic a history running back to the roots? And history a lingering suspense in the background?

I was right, it all matched perfecly. I didn’t guess the ratio of these elements right, though. Because the whole concept is based on a (may I say rather unique kind of) time-travelling, I expected it to be more of a fantasy than it was, and at first it bothered me a bit, but it all worked out well, and I came to like the way this novel was all done. The fantasy element was amazingly used to show what it is like being a true, misunderstanded, passionate musician, and to connect the old world with the modern one. Yet it was an intriguing kind of magic in itself, making me wonder about how it works out.

All the medical talk, especially in the end, gave off a bit of a sci-fi-y vibe, at least for me, but that was okay, too. As a newly graduated physician I felt home among discussing doctors. And letting us from time to time to see it all through a psychiatrist’s (and worrying mother’s) eyes was such a great idea! And it worked really well, I loved it!

And not just that, we got to see several point of views from two different time periods and different places, and it was never for a second confusing! It added to the story, the author managed to do this perfectly. I could be happy to see a bit more of the characters and their development, and I didn’t feel the ending gave me a complete satisfaction, but this novel is labelled as ‘Book I’ so I’m guessing the arc is written for more books, and that’s why there’s things left unanswered. That’s why I give the ‘characters’ only a 4 (though I found them awesome, interesting, and I really looking forward to seeing more of them), but I give a 5 for the story because it was excellent in many ways and it is an original idea, so I decided to take the sequel into consideration.

Let’s Give It A Grade!

  1. Story: 5
  2. Characters: 4
  3. Style: 4
  4. The Subjective Factor: 5
  • GPA: 4.5


If you’ve read what I said above, you must have no doubt that this book is indeed unique. It is. The way all these things mix… and have I mentioned the music?? It’s all about music.

Recommend to:

Anyone, especially those that are enjoying, even more actually making any kind of art. And music, above all else. This book is filled with it. So if that’s something you feel like you’d be interested in, read it!

Drink tip:

Well, let’s see.. Brandy. After all that’s what those jacobite patriots were drinking.

Music room:

Talking about this book, this section feels like even more important than in other reviews… It’s not an easy job to choose.

Obviously nothing compares to the score the book is about. So, something less magical must be chosen. If I wouldn’t want to be creative at all, I’d say Brahms because his music is the heroine, Adeena’s favourite. But I want to personally choose something that I feel like matches the book. So…

Apocalyptica it is.

(By the way, did you know there’s a composer named Robert Duncan (same name as the old cellomaker in the book) as well? Today, in the real world. As far as I know he makes music for TV/movies, I got to know about him because of Castle. He wrote such beautiful music for that show! I couldn’t believe it. So rare for a TV show… Check his music out, it really is worth it!! It can be found on YouTube.)


Yes, of course I’ll be there to read the sequel! I can’t wait.



Would you be interested in this book? What do you think of reading about music? Can you play any instruments? What music means to you?

Can’t wait to see your comments!

Hugs 🙂

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