This Week’s New Book Releases And Reviews

As we approach the middle of autumn, the long dark evenings and frosty days, books just can’t stop coming out! It’s all so we can curl up with a hot coffee or tea under a blanket and get lost in other worlds and times. Take a look at what books are getting released this week, and what bloggers have to say about them!

For the newbies (welcome 😘): if you don’t yet know what this is all about: I’m posting a list every Monday of the books that get released during the current week. I also include other people’s reviews about them! I try to do a blog hop from time to time and spread the word about this feature, but I obviously can’t find every review that’s related, so a sign that you have one would be very much appreciated! Every review is eligible that is written about a book published on the week in question, even if it was written before said week!

So… one question remains:

Would you like to join the ride?

It’s very easy!

These are the rules:

To be featured, you don’t have to do anything else, but to leave a comment below this post, or contact me by any other way, and let me know you have a review. A link to it makes it easier, but if you only say your review comes out on x day of the week, that’s okay as well, I’ll watch out for it! Following me is not a must, but I appreciate it very much, if you do! πŸ™‚

I continuously update this post according to your infos/comments, and I share it again every time I’ve made an update.

The book you reviewed don’t have to be from the list here, if it’s not listed, but published this week, I’ll add the book, too!

You can also send me a review for next week, because these posts are scheduled! πŸ˜‰

Books Published This Week:

A fantastic review of…

Which books are you excited about? Which ones have you got on ARC of? Have you written any reviews?

See you in the comment section! πŸ˜‰

Hugs πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “This Week’s New Book Releases And Reviews

  1. I love your lists! The Book Thief is one of my favorite books of all time. I didn’t know that Markus Zusak has a new book that is coming out this week. Definitely adding that one to my TBR. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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    1. Great, I’m adding it to next week’s post!! I haven’t read the Book Thief yet, but so many people love it that I feel like I should bring it ahead in my tbr. 😁 Thanks for stopping by! 😊

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  2. I had no idea that many books were released this week, but more than than I can’t believe the β€œJames Patterson” machine put out two books. But for me The Brave Art of Motherhood is the most important of the bunch.

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    1. The Brave Art of Motherhood is a MUST read for ALL moms, regardless of age, social status, race, or whether you have little ones or big ones! Such an inspirational, eye-opening, honest book about the joys and the challenges of motherhood and being the best version of YOU! This book is life-changing!

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  3. So glad to see The Brave Art of Motherhood by Rachel Martin on your list! This is a must read book for all (don’t let the title fool you).
    This book is incredibly uplifting, encouraging, thought provoking and soul stirring. No reader will walk away from this book without a real positive belief in one self and helps offer real practical tips in facing fears, pushing through and seeing your dreams again. A must read and one that you will not want to put down. Since I’ve read this book, it’s been in my thoughts every day – motivating me greatly.

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    1. I haven’t read this book, and up until now it wasn’t on my tbr list either, but since you guys seem to be so excited about it, I think I’m going to give it a chance! Sounds awesome! 😊😁


  4. I am so happy to see Rachel Marie Martin’s Book,The Brave Art of Motherhood on your list. I have read this book and have found it an encouraging and life changing book.
    Many books you read and they make it to the book shelf to never be looked at again. Not this book. This is a book you will not only read once, but you will reread to pull apart the life challenges she encourages you to make. She walks side by side with you when she makes it real by sharing her own personal struggles as she challenges you on.
    She encourages you to bravely walk by faith and confidence pushing through the obstacles of life to get to the goals you have for yourself. You do not have to be just a mother to read this book because anyone who has hopes and dreams and the struggles of day to day life can benefit from this book. I am a mother of only one child who is now 20 years old, but I found her book just as encouraging and life changing as if I had multiple young children.
    You will not regret reading this book! Walk bravely by faith and confidence forward toward your hopes and dreams you thought you lost. Accept her challenges and allow your life to change for the goals you have set for your life. Break free from the chains of bondage, the bondages of time, life, circumstances, and walk forward to a vision you set for your life. Now is the time for changes, allow them to happen now. Do not be held back by fear any longer. Hold your head up high and move forward.

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    1. I’m sorry, this comment went to spam for some reason, and I just noticed it… πŸ˜• I haven’t read this book yet, but it sounds amazing, and everyone seems to have this opinion, so I’m pretty sure I’m gonna read it sometime! 😊

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