‘The Strange Casebook’ by Syd Moore

As we’re slowly, but certainly approaching the end of October (well, at least we’re in the middle of it), spooky books come in more and more handy. So, hug that mug of warm coffee, and read my thoughts on this collection of spooky short stories!

I got this book from Oneworld Publications and NetGalley, in return for my honest and unbiased opinion.



As we’re more and more in the heart of autumn, I feel like I need to read more ‘Autumn Books’. This one seemed eligible for this criteria, since it sounded like a very good halloweenish read. That’s why I requested it on NetGalley, and was very glad when I was approved less then a whole day later!

Also, I should add that this book was originally categorized as mystery/thriller, but I just felt like it doesn’t really belong there…so I made up a category for the sake of my blog: suspense/spooky! I hope it’s not gonna be very confusing.


This was a nice spooky read indeed. It definitely matched the autumn atmosphere and my spooky mood. I couldn’t forget myself into it as much as I expected, though.

First of all, I have to state, that this is a very eloquently written book (all stories included), and I loved it! I loved the author’s style, and that’s why I would be up to reading anything else written by her anytime! I could feel the difference between the characters throughout her writing, it really felt like reading different narrators.

As for the stories, there were very good and average ones as well. At least for me. There were some very weird ones, ones that I didn’t really see the point of or I got bored by getting halfway through. On the other hand, I found some very great short stories as well, ones that had a meaning beyond being spooky just for the purpose of being spooky, and ones that really gave off a ‘scary-tale-by-the-firelight’ vibe.

My rating mirrors an average of all stories – you have to understand that it’s not applying to all of them, there were better and worse ‘rated’ ones than the result as well. It is indeed a GPA of the GPA!

Let’s Give It a Grade!

  1. Story: 4/5
  2. Characters: 3/5
  3. Style: 5/5
  4. The Subjective Factor: 3/5
  • GPA: 3.75


What I particularly loved about this book was the style. I loved Moore’s wording and colorfulness!

Recommend to:

If you want a fast autumn-mood read, this book is for you!

Drink tip:

Pumpkin spiced latte

Music room:



I’d read other books written by Syd Moore, I loved the way she writes!


What kind of books do you like to read in the autumn? What makes your mood matching this season? Are you the type of person who gets everything all about Halloween this time of the year, or this doesn’t influence your reading (and other habits) at all?

I can’t wait for a discussion with you!

Hugs 🙂

5 thoughts on “‘The Strange Casebook’ by Syd Moore

  1. I do like to try and fit a “Halloween’y” book towards the end of October myself, usually something within the horror stuff too. 😛 This one sure does sounds wonderful, at least in the writing style though! Thanks for sharing! 😀

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