‘The White Globe’ by Lawrence M. Nysschens

We’re through the middle of autumn, and as the long, cold evenings approach, I always feel a bit more open to weird realities and interesting thoughts to read. Though I’m not sure I completely got this one, here are my thoughts – I hope you enjoy them while sipping your hot coffee (or anything hot)!

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I was sent an email directly by the author in which he asked me to read and review one of his books, and as I agreed, he sent me this novelette. It sounded a bit weird, but in a good way, and I felt there must be some meaning, a moral behind it all, so I was actually excited to read it.


Let’s be honest: I’m not sure this book was for me. I can’t exactly put my finger on what caused it not to work on me, but somehow while I saw and objectively could appreciate the idea and thoughts the book was dealing with, I didn’t feel very much invested. I saw the different ways this story could be interpreted and I understood this could be a very interesting philosophical experience, but I felt confused most of the time. There are several ways of explanation for what is happening and why, and that’s something I usually like, or I’m at least okay with it, but here I felt it’s unnecessary blurry. The layers of meaning weren’t offered by reading it more thoroughly or by thinking it through, I had to force myself to think about what it all could mean. Yes, I could come up with a couple of solutions, but I like it better when thoughts are just flowing in my mind, without me making them come alive. I also found some things that would’ve required some background knowledge about this world from me I didn’t have.

This book wasn’t written in a style I particularly enjoy, but it was well-written (except for some minor problems with mixing present/past tense, I guess these are more editing than grammatical problems) and worked well with the atmosphere of the story. I could’ve done with better worked-out characters, though. I don’t say they’re bad, but I felt they were present solely for telling the story and moral the author wants to communicate. That is again something that might be okay with other readers, but I like a character when they’re a whole person. I would probably have been way more invested in this story if I cared about the actual characters and not just about what the hell is going on with them. While the atmosphere and mood of their world was very well painted, their relationships and love were something I didn’t feel at all. It was written, but I didn’t quite believe it.

Despite of this all, I do think that it’s a very good story, or at least a very good idea, and I’m sure there’s an audience for it, but it could be improved in a way I could like it more.

Let’s Give It a Grade!

  1. Story: 3/5
  2. Characters: 2/5
  3. Style: 3/5
  4. The Subjective Factor: 2/5
  • GPA: 2.5


As I said, the idea is original, and that’s what the most intriguing about this book is. It offers some interesting philosophical questions.

Recommend to:

Though this book obviously was not for me, I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would like it very much! If you like foggy stories about philosophical ideas and like to choose your own interpretation, this book might be a hit for you! I’m just way too down-to-earth for it.

Drink tip:

Rum – possibly without anything mixed with it.

Music room:

I’d go with Pink Floyd here.


It won’t be soon, but I think later I might take up one of the other books by this author and read it, maybe it would clear some things up about this story as well.


Do you like to leave your comfort zone when you’re reading, especially fantasy or science fiction? Do you like everything written and explained or is it okay for you if you have to come up with your own solutions? How weird is too weird?

Let’s discuss! πŸ˜‰

Hugs πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “‘The White Globe’ by Lawrence M. Nysschens

    1. I hope so! I’m reading Still Lives now, but I’m very much in the beginning, so it’s too soon to say. So far I like it, though. 😊 I hope, too, that this book finds its audience, even though it’s not me.


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