‘Love Looks Pretty on You’ by Lang Leav

This time I bring you a book of poetry – something that’s not exactly my usual thing to read, but from time to time I feel like my soul needs it. Thus I found ‘Love Looks Pretty on You’, and decided to read it. Grab a mug of coffee, and if my review makes it sound a good fit for you, you might even read this collection, too – in one sitting! 😉

I got this book from NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. The book itself will be available for purchase from the 29th January, 2019.




This was one of the times when I felt like I should read something for my soul, something that simply flows through me, that means something yet doesn’t explain everything literally… to read something not for the action. So, in a word… poetry. I saw this one on NetGalley and it seemed to be just what I needed. So… I downloaded it, and read it almost immediately.


This collection of poems was exactly what I expected it to be: a quick, easy read that filled my soul and calmed my brain.

What to call this book? Poetry, guide, reminiscence? Some poems were painfully adequate for me, others I could relate to with my past self (selves?). The poet actually does a lot of talking to her old self. What’s more, there’s even a poem she wrote when she was only 12! And it completely matched the book, too!

The poems are mostly written from a young woman’s perspective, and they deal with things we all feel sometimes in our lives. They’re so obvious things and sentiments, but it feels so good to see them plainly written down. It’s nice to feel others go through the similar little (and not so little) experiences that you do!

The wording is very simple and easy to understand, and at first I thought it’s… well, not very poetic – then I realized I’m only through like half of the collection, and I highlighted a crazy amount of lines! And that’s right because it’s so simple. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. It might raise the question how could some lines be poetry when the style is not a decorative, flowery flow of lines, but you know what? Everybody who has ever tried to write anything knows that the hardest job is not to create overflowing descriptions and complicated sentences. The hardest thing is to find that one simple line that says everything.

Let’s Give It A Grade! & Recommendations:

As before, I use NetGalley’s system for the star-rating of poetry:

4/5 stars,

as in YES, I’d recommend it!

To whom? I think it’s worth reading for everybody who needs a bit of nutriment for their souls, it’s a very fast read and easy to understand. Maybe women would be more interested, but this is not at all only about/for women! It’s about love in all forms, and growing in knowing, loving and accepting yourself, and facing the things that life throws our way.


The greatest personal experience I had with this collection was the universal feeling of not being alone. Some poems I could more relate to, there were also some I couldn’t as much, but all in all that warmth was running through me that meant all people, all women has some experiences, feelings, phases in common. Reading these books I didn’t feel like the poet tried to be cleverer than me, it was all about being simple and relatable.

Drink tip:

Vodka+soda+raspberry sirup… (that was a huge hit a couple of years ago here in Hungary, we called it Shine – or that’s the closest translation I can do – but I don’t know its English name. I actually haven’t met this combination anywhere but here, but I’m sure it exists.)

Music room:

Anything by Taylor Swift would do. Also, ‘What’s Up’ by the 4 Non Blondes.


This was my first book by this authoress/poetess, and I’m sure it’s not gonna be the last! 🙂

Do you read poetry? What kind of poems do you like?

Let’s talk! 🙂

Hugs 🙂


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