Blog Tour: ‘Nobody’s Wife’ by Laura Pearson

Today my post is the last stop at the 17 days long blog tour for ‘Nobody’s Wife’, written by Laura Pearson! Some of you might have already heard about her because of her debut novel ‘Missing Pieces’ which had a pretty great reception.

In the last 2 weeks (and more) everything has probably been said, but what I gather from the reviews on Goodreads (the book’s also been available on NetGalley), everybody had a different experience with it. (Though the majority of the ratings is 4 or 5 stars!) It is indeed a very interesting book, and I can’t wait to share my own journey along its pages!

About the Book


‘Of the four of them, only three remained. And there was no going backwards from there.’
Emily and Josephine have always shared everything. They’re sisters, flatmates, and best friends. It’s the two of them against the world.
When Emily has the perfect wedding, and Josephine finds the perfect man, they know things will change forever. But nothing can prepare them for what, or who, one of them is willing to give up for love.
Four people. Three couples. Two sisters. One unforgivable betrayal.
From the best-selling author of Missing Pieces comes a heart-wrenching story about family, loyalty, and obsession that will have you racing to the finish.

About the Author

Laura Pearson has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Chichester. She spent a decade living in London and working as a copywriter and editor for QVC, Expedia, Net a Porter, EE, and The Ministry of Justice. Now, she lives in Leicestershire, where she writes novels, blogs about her experience of breast cancer (, runs The Motherload Book Club, and tries to work out how to raise her two children.

My Thoughts/Review


I was invited to the blog tour by Peyton at Agora Books (who was super nice and a delight to change emails with btw), because I’d previously participated in one of their official blog tours (I reviewed ‘A Little Bird Told Me’ by Marianne Holmes then), and though I hadn’t read ‘Missing Pieces’ and thus I didn’t know the author, this book sounded like one I would like, so I agreed to take part.

So, a huge thank you goes to Agora Books for sending me a physical copy of the book! I can’t emphasize how great it is that they’re willing to do that for international bloggers, too.

I got the copy for the purpose of this blog tour, but opinions are my own.

My complimentary copy of ‘Nobody’s Wife’ along with a couple of little gifts that were sent with it ❤


‘Nobody’s Wife’ is a book that kept me reading from beginning to end. I couldn’t put it down. (Okay, I had to. Because… life. You know how it is. But it was hard to!) The writing made me turn page after page, in a dark and twisted, uncomfortable kind of way. I felt all along that everything was heading towards the wrong, the terrible, the catastrophic, and I wasn’t at any moment astonished or surprised – and yet I couldn’t stop, I had to see it, I had to know, I had to look. Seriously, it was like disaster tourism!

(For those who are confused by my words: all of this I mean as a compliment. Like… these are all things that this novel made me feel! It managed to suck me in and arise these sentiments and this atmosphere in me, and that really is something.)

The characters were interesting. Not really likable, but there are people like these in real life, and there are awful situations like this that get out of hand, too, so it really is an interesting journey to see how things happen, what leads to what, and what motivates these characters. Even if you don’t like any of them. Seriously, by the end I pretty much hated Jack, was disgusted by Emily, was irritated by Josephine and could only pity Michael. And yet I was interested in their story. It’s not like I was rooting for any of them, or against them, but I wanted to see everything. How it turns out. How they will feel. Now that I think about it, it’s like it was an experiment for me. I don’t think we saw any character development, though, which I would’ve loved to see. I’m not sure that’s a real flaw, though. The emphasis was more on how these people affect each other, their relationships, and not their personal growth, and in this kind of book it’s okay that way.

As much as I liked the story and pacing in general, I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the ending. Or rather… the huge twist (that I actually predicted, like, somewhere around the first pages) that leads up to the ending. I don’t say it was unrealistic, because it could happen, I know. It’s just that it happened… too suddenly, compared to the pacing and general style of the novel. It’s hard to explain… I felt somehow there was not enough fuss about it? Which could normally bother me, I know, but… Okay, I got it. It’s that I felt like it wasn’t the right part before the twist that got to be dragged out. (Does that make sense?) I would’ve liked it way more if we could’ve seen the actual happening, or if not, then the very minutes before it, instead of the concerned characters’s half day, and then *wooops* suddenly the aftermath. It felt too melodramatic for my taste this way. Otherwise, I really liked the pacing and the build-up of the story.

Let’s Give It a Grade!

  1. Story: 4/5
  2. Characters: 3/5
  3. Style: 4/5
  4. The Subjective Factor: 4/5
  • 3.75


It might sound a bit weird, because here I should talk about the biggest strength(s) of the book, and what I am about to say is of course not the very best thing about it. Many people probably wouldn’t even notice it, but…

Basically all the characters in this novel are readers, and I love that! All of them. Some of them are writers, too. And they meet and/or work in bookshops and libraries. Jack even writes book reviews! I loved that the descriptions of their normal, everyday acts almost always included sitting down and reading a book.

Recommend to:

‘Nobody’s Wife’ is for those who don’t back down from the darker side of human nature. It’s a realistic description of how people do something selfishly and without thinking, and how that sometimes leads to incorrigible consequences. If you’re interested in that, then this book might be just your cup of tea!

But note that in this novel the deception is more depressing than thrilling. There’s no fluffy romance or steamy erotica at any point. And, as I see it, it doesn’t deal with love. Not really. It shows the devastation, the hurt, the not being able to quit the nightmare that has been recklessly unleashed. If you don’t feel like you could deal with that, maybe this one is not for you.

(Seriously. I felt the need to lose myself in the embrace of my boyfriend the whole time I was reading it. I needed to feel some warmth from somewhere. And even though I liked the book, I feel like I should read something happy and fluffy next!)

Drink tip:

Gin tonic, with slightly more tonic than gin.

Music room:

‘You Lost Me’ by Christina Aguilera


Okay, I admit I have still not read ‘Missing Pieces’, but I would probably like it. So, yes to Laura Pearson another time!

Don’t forget to visit the other stops on this tour! Since this is the last day, all the posts are already available now!

Here’s the tour banner with the blog names:

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Have you read either this book or ‘Missing Pieces’? What did you think?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blog Tour: ‘Nobody’s Wife’ by Laura Pearson

  1. Amazing review Dora. I am not sure if this is one I would read or not. It is a testament to an author if he/she can get you invested in a story when you don’t like the characters. Funny how you picked up that they are all readers and/or writers. I like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! ❤️ I think this could be a book that does divides readers. It’s well-written and interesting, but you have to be in the right mood to appreciate and enjoy it, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

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