Monday Moodlifter #16

Hey guys,

how are you feeling today?

I’m sure even if you’re okay in general, you could use some little helpings of joy that could lift a bit your mood on a Monday. I know I could!

So, here’s the usual Monday motivational, mood-lifter post:

1. Books! ❀

See these beauties? They’re all born this week:

To see the whole list of books and reviews, click here!

2. Music!

I like the vibe this song has!

3. Cuteness for your soul ❀

eyes cat coach sofa
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

Looks like somebody’s watching you.

Just sayin’.

(Well, I’d be quite happy if this furry adorbsball would be watching me from behind my couch..!)

Have a wonderful week! Don’t forget to smile! πŸ˜‰

Hugs πŸ™‚


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