Monday Moodlifter #17

Hey guys,

how this Monday’s going for ya’? I’m okay, though I’m very, very busy these days. As always, a moodlifter comes in handy, and I guess you all could use one a bit, too.

Let’s see what we have to help us feel a bit better! 😉

1. Books! ❤

These are the beautiful covers of this week’s new book releases! *.*

To see the whole list of books and reviews, click here!

2. Music!

Every time I hear this song, I sing it in my head for at least a day! Until it totally gets on my nerves.

(You’re welcome…)

3. Cuteness for your soul ❤

adorable animal art bowl
Photo by Pixabay on

Let us all find our own little bowl where we can have a peaceful nap! 😉

Have a wonderful week! Don’t forget to smile! 😉

Hugs 🙂

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