Monday Moodlifter #18

Hey guys,

summer is approaching – which for some means holiday, and for some it’s endless work swimming in your own sweat. Whichever you are, I’m sure the fact summer is almost here doesn’t leave you unaffected. And I’m sure you need a moodlifter on this Monday, too.

1. Books! ❤

These are the covers of the books being born this week:

To see the whole list of books and reviews, click here!

2. Music!

This song is my power song. ❤ And my ringtone.

3. Cuteness for your soul ❤

shallow focus photo of long coated white and gray puppy
Photo by the happiest face =) on

No matter what age you are, never stop playing! Like this little doggo ❤

Have a wonderful week! Don’t forget to smile! 😉

Hugs 🙂


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