Announcement of Unexpected Hiatus

So many things have been happening that I don’t even know how to start…

Some of you have already noticed that I’ve been very absent during the last week, and especially in the last couple of days. If you caught my tweet about my postponed schedule, you already know that I have internet issues that I hoped would be solved in the matter of days.

Well, they weren’t. My home is still internetless, and I’m stuck with my overpriced mobile net. So much for creating posts…

My other reason for this impromptu hiatus is way more serious and personal.

My beloved grandmother died last week, and after that, I can hardly get myself to do normal, important everyday stuff, let alone diligently writing blog post. She was my best friend, my role model, the one and only stable ground in my entire life.

I must take a break from my blog and give myself time to cope.

I will have one blog tour post on the 21st that I’ve already agreed to do, and I don’t want to cancel, otherwise I know I need more than a week right now to catch up with my own feelings and the world around me.

I will be back July 1st, with a mega-giga new releases and reviews post that will include all the books and reviews of these missed weeks.

I wish you all a wonderful June and better times than those I’m having these days.

Love you guys.



34 thoughts on “Announcement of Unexpected Hiatus

  1. Oh I’m so sorry about your grandma! The most recent person that died very abruptly in my family was my mother’s uncle and was in many ways the last like experienced wise guy we could go to for advice and help. It’s strange being without older, trusted people to guide and support you. Wishing you all the best. ❤

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  2. I’m sorry for this difficult loss 💔💔💔 grief takes time…..I hope memories bring you some comfort ….. you’re wise to step back for a while.
    CS Lewis articulates loss so well, the absence of our departed loved ones is “like the sky, spread over everything.”

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    1. Thank you! ❤️ These are beautiful words, and so true… Heartwarming memories will stay with me forever, I just need time to be able to think of them without feeling like losing my ground…

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  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother☹️. Take all the time you need, everyone will understand and be here whenever you are ready to return.❤️❤️❤️🤗

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  4. I’m so sorry about your grandmother! It’s so wonderful to have been able to know your grandparents, but devastating to lose them after having such a close, special relationship with them. When I lost my grandmother a couple years ago it was a pain I’d never experienced. I hope you find comfort in your happy memories and in all that she’s taught you that you’ll keep with you always. Take your time and don’t put pressure on yourself, everyone’s grief is different. Take care of you ❤️

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  5. So sorry for your loss. Take as much space and time as you need. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, I’ve discovered it’s a very personal journey xx

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    1. Thank you! ❤️ I’m figuring things out for myself now… The last time we lost someone in the family I was still a kid… it’s similar, yet in a way very different now. It hurts, but I know I will figure out how to live with it. It takes time…

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  6. Oh sweetie. You have to take care of yourself and family comes first. The hiatus I took was necessity. My mom needed me. You need to get through this and only you know how best to do that. We will be here for you. I will be thinking of you. Lots of love. 💓

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  7. My condolences go out to you and your family. I do apologize for asking for a review I didn’t see this post. I hope that you can find a silver lining in or peace and bounce back from this terrible time. God bless and I wish you the best in the future.

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    1. It’s alright! Thank you. ❤️
      I can’t do it right now, but in a couple of weeks, I promise to check out your post, and I’ll review it for you. If that still helps you later, and I’ll not be out of time.

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