‘The Story of Meow: The Tale of a Stray Kitten’s Search for a Loving Home’ by Elise Lowe


Small book, sweet story.
The message is clear, right and important: dare to dream, because all you dream up can happen. Before I started the book, I kind of expected the moral to have something to do with animals. Like, it is important to take care of them. Or to give them home. I mean, so many stray cats and dogs are wandering about out there, we should really teach children that responsible pet keeping is very important. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that the actual moral of the story isn’t just as important, and I liked it very much, I just thought I should mention what I expected. I guess the book can convey this second meaning this way, too, especially if the discovery of the story happens with adult help.
The illustrations and the story are equally sweet, though very simple. It’s almost like something one would draw and tell a story about at home, for their own kid. Or even with the kid! (It’s actually quite similar to some little “picture books” that I used to create with my grandma back when I was still in kindergarten!) It might be bothering for some people, as it doesn’t really look like a “real book”, but I can’t draw for my life, so I really appreciate it! 😀

I got this book from BooksGoSocial and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Hugs 🙂


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