A Summary of a Bad Year and Hopes for a Better One

So, as you’ve already might have found out, 2019 was a shit year for me. Reading-wise and in general, too.

I have started to work in a hospital, I have literally no free time to deal with my mental health, I lost two close relatives withing the matter of less than two months… it’s tough. Since June I’ve pretty much no time and energy to read, not to mention to review, and I find it so sad! I have to make it work this year, I really need it to function as a human being.

Okay, I don’t want to be so negative, I did get married this year, and that’s something that makes me very happy! (And let’s not get into the fact that we’re still living with our ‘temporary’ flatmate, because she’s simply not willing to move out…)

Though I’m very much behind with both reading and reviewing, I did manage to do many. So, here’s the goodreads summery of my Year 2019!

My year in books
This is my journey in books for 2019!

I read 9,992 pages across 63 books Img bookstack 72

Img ruler
Zookeeper by Douglas S. Haynes
22 pages


Douglas S. Haynes
The Saxon Plague by Penny  Ingham
450 pages
The Saxon Plague by
Penny Ingham
158 pages

The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth
49,546 people also read
The Mother-In-Law
by Sally Hepworth
Img temp desktop 2x
Incurably Unromantic by John Gillies
1 person also read
Incurably Unromantic by
John Gillies



Incurably Unromantic by John Gillies
Incurably Unromantic


John GilliesImg badge
5.00 average

Lord of the Butterflies by Andrea Gibson
My first review of the year

Full review: http://swiftcoffee.blog/2019/01/05/lo…

I thought this was simply gonna be a book of love and suffering, and mostly about being queer, I guess I imagined something average, but god, this was something powerful!

It was both strong and sweet, it touched a lot of important subjects besides the life and situation of LGBTQIA+ people, like gun violence, war, racism, the way America (and the world) is heading, and more, and every word made …more

Absinthe by Betina J. Wittels

My last review of the year

Apart from the nice cover, I wanted to read this book because having read the blurb I immediately thought: true, what do I really know about absinthe? I mean, apart from the fact that anyone who’d dared to drink it when I was in my late teens was a badass?

This book was way more than I thought it would be, though. It doesn’t only contain a detailed description of the drink and its history, but also many stories about people who either drank or …more

2019 Reading Challenge

You read 63 out of 110 books.
Better luck in 2020!
I’m not at all disappointed with this result! If you’d like to know why, or if you want to compare this year of mine with the last one, read my summery post of my reading year 2018, A Mixture Of A Meme, A Tag And My Thoughts: A Chaotic Wrap-Up Of My Reading Year 2018!

My reading goal for the Year 2020 is 97 books!

Talking about reading challanges… well, I’m WAAAY behind with them, even with my own, The Untouched Bookshelf Challenge. One of my main goals is to catch up with this one and with the British Crime Classics Challenge. I really hope I can make huge developments in this area this year.

I’m also pretty ashamed about how much books I haven’t read and reviewed that I agreed to… I’m sorry guys. My only excuse is that this 2019 was indeed a crappy year for me. But no more excuses. I’ll do everything I can this year to read every book that’s waiting for a review from me.

Oh, and what I wanted to show you all… I’ve got a brand new bookshelf and I just love it! This is what makes this home…well, homely.

Okay, so it’s not a very good photo, because it was made with my smartphone in the middle of the evening, with very bad lighting, but I couldn’t resist showing it off, so here it is!
I also decided to buy for Christmas all the books that I rated 4,5+ on my blog. I though it would also be a nice thing to do for less known authors. I love my Kindle, but the books I love I simply want to hold in my hand, literally!
So… that’s all for now!
Here’s to a better future! 😉
Love you guys!
Hugs 🙂