‘A Different Time’ by Michael K. Hill

This is again a book I only got for the purpose of a blog tour – that was happening ages ago, and I simply couldn’t make it.

This time my sorry goes to (along with the author, of course) The Write Reads gang. Guys, I didn’t mean to let you down. (Especially since this is not the only tour I abandoned…)

I’ve been VERY irresponsible this past year, and I know that out of a sudden you couldn’t count on me anymore. I apologize.

I’m about to make up for it this year.

Let’s see my review of ‘A Different Time’  by Michael K. Hill!

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I’ve already seen a couple of reviews by the time this book became a supposed part of The Ultimate Blog Tours, but I didn’t pay any attention to it before. It sounded interesting, though. A love story, but with science fiction elements. Can be something special, I thought, as I agreed to read and review it.


It took me a while until I really got into this story because life happens, but when I really got down to it, it turned out to be an easy and fast read. The wording is not particularly complicated, actually at times I felt like things could be elaborated with a little more attention, a little more poeticly, but that doesn’t mean it was badly or overall too simply written.

The characters were interesting, though here, too, I had a feeling that there were more to them than what was actually written. I could’ve done with a little longer and more complicated version of this book regarding all aspects, to be honest. That’s also kind of a compliment, though, since it means it would’ve been great to see more of everything, everyone.

This time travel kind of element was a very original idea, though there were some moments when it was borderline weird for me. It did add to the story, though, and it made it unique compared to other love stories. The story itself was maybe a bit too predictable, but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of it.

Let’s Give It A Grade!

  1. Story: 4/5
  2. Characters: 4/5
  3. Style: 4/5
  4. The Subjective Factor: 4/5
  • GPA: 4


The unique kind of over-the-time communication is what makes this book special.

Recommend to:

Fans of unconventional romance.

Drink tip:

Vodka-soda with lemon.


I’d definitely try yet another Michael K. Hill book.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Let’s discuss!

Have a great day!

Hugs 🙂

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