‘a fire like you’ by Upile Chisala


A very emotional collection of poetry that I have mixed feelings about.

As always, I’m a bit coonflicted about modern poetry, as in style and wording… I get the content, I’m mostly for it, for talking about it, for speaking up for it, for understanding it. But my brain simply doesn’t accept the total freestyle wording that often simply means almost cliché sentences that we say everyday in our lives. That’s not poetry, that’s just empphasizing what everyone already says.

In case of this book, I felt this a bit but not constantly, which is good. Already more than what I can say about MANY modern day poetry collections. There were poems which I could associate with, ones that touched something deep inside me. There were also ones that I simply couldn’t fathom why they’re in this collection at all. The themes felt only parts organized and I was often confused why two seemingly completlely different topics were mentioned in one poem that didn’t really explain what they have to do with each other. Otherwise, it was a fast and emotional read.

I gave it 3 stars.

I got this book from Andrews McMeel Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.


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