‘The Summer House in Santorini’ by Samantha Parks

Romance, in itself, existing only for itself, is definitely not my go-to genre, as probably you all have already noticed by now. The reason I chose to read this novel anyways is that it’s set on Santorini.

No, it’s not my dream destination.

I’ve already visited. And LOVED it.

I was thirteen, I was on a trip with my father and it was amazing! Since a while I’ve been wanting to go back as an adult, though there are so many places to visit in this world and so little time, why would I go back to where I already was…? It’s an eternal dilemma.

Anyway, I decided to read this book because I wanted to get back to Santorini a little.

And that happened.

I got this book from One More Chapter via NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

42385089. sy475 (Goodreads/Amazon)


Nothing special. Saw on NetGalley, saw Santorini, I was booked.


I’m a bit in trouble with this review. I loved this book while reading it, but I didn’t write down my thoughts right after, and after only a couple of weeks, I have to realize that it didn’t really stay with me. It was awesome while it lasted, but that’s it. It didn’t make a lasting impression.

That being said, I honestly enjoyed reading it. It was sweet, sometimes bittersweet, the characters were loveable, obviously beautiful, as it is apparently a must in the genre, the relationships were cute, and Santorini lived in the story.

What I especially loved was that the island was mostly pictured through its lovely people, and not discriptions of the place itself. That worked for me well. I loved the place with its lovely, loud, beautiful souls.

The love story itself was painfully expectable, but it didn’t bother me, I wanted the characters to find their way, no matter that I knew what that way was.

Let’s Give It A Grade!

  1. Story: 3/5
  2. Characters: 4/5
  3. Style: 4/5
  4. The Subjective Factor: 4/5
  • GPA: 3.75


I can’t honestly think of one thing, though it’s a good carry-out of the usual romance tools.

Recommend to:

Fans of romance and traveling via the pages of a novel.

Drink tip:

Ouzo, obviously.


I’d give a chance to more books from this author, when I’m in the right mood.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

And have you ever visited Santorini? It was amazing, right?

Have a Great Day!

Hugs 🙂

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