Stars of the Season (Winter, 2019/20)

Get your coffee fast and get cosy, because reading suggestions are coming! 🙂

An Autumn Stars of the Season post wasn’t posted, unfortunately I was so absent from both here and both from reading that I simply didn’t have enough material for writing it.

This one here is also about to be shorter than the earlier posts, but this time it’s not because I haven’t read enough 4,5+ rated books. I’ve been actually doing a Vavyan Fable marathon – she is my favorite Hungarian author, and I’m always a bit sad that I cannot really fangirl about her here on my blog, but that wouldn’t make any sense. My readership is international, I have way too few Hungarian followers, and I write in English. Unfortunately, Fable is not translated (I’m not even sure that would even be possible, I mean, her style is so uniquely Hungarian).

Anyway, I just wanted to say, please don’t worry that I don’t read enough great books! 😀 I do. The following are the ones that are relevant here on this blog, and I honestly recommend them!

Funnily, there’s no novel among them this time. That doesn’t take away from the enjoyment, though.

If you’d like to see what books I rated 4,5+ before, here’s the list of previous Stars of the Season posts:

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‘Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs’ by Henry Carroll



This is a fun and easy book for beginner amateur photographers who have no idea what they’re doing. It’s for those who want to start with understanding the very basics, yet think the most important part is enthusiasm and creativity to begin with.

Click HERE to read my review!


‘Incurably Unromantic’ by John Gillies

A funny, ironic collection of poems that I loved because the rhymes were also awesome!

Check it out and have fun! 😉

Read my reviewHERE!




‘Smash Poetry Journal: 125 Writing Ideas for Inspiration and Self Exploration’ by Robert Lee Brewer



A workbook with 125 writing prompts for wanna-be poets who want to experience with ideas and inspiration!

I’d love to finish all the prompts one day.

HERE you can read my review!


So… these were the top reads of my winter this year! Plus the Hungarian ones, of course.

Which books did you like the most in recent times?

Have a great day! And here’s to a lot of amazing spring reads!

Hugs 🙂

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