‘A Bad Hair Day Cookbook’ by Nancy J. Cohen

Warning! Unpopular opinion is coming.

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I was actually surprised by how good a rating this book got everywhere.

It’s probably because of fans of the mystery series.

It may be my own fault. I knew right at the beginning that it might be a problem that I haven’t read anything from the author before. It seemed to be a decent cookbook, though, and I thought it might be good to get me in the mood to actually read a novel from the Bad Hair Day series. It’s rated good, too.

Well, if this book did anything, it is making me not wanting to read anything else in the series. At first I thought that it might be because I didn’t know the protagonist for example (the author writes here in “her name”), or that I’m not even in the right mood because I don’t know the series. Maybe it was written for already fans.

Then again, it wasn’t. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it just wasn’t. It’s pretty much a 2 in 1 marketing tool to sell more of the original mystery series. Fans will obviously buy it, it’s an OCD-drived, book-collector nerd’s dream. (No offence here, guys, I’m that kind of person, too!) On the other hand, it’s full of completely unnecessary installments from the book series. That can’t be for the already-fans, can it? That doesn’t make sense. They already know the stories, they know the context, they’ve already read these installments, too.

It can only be for the new readers, the ones like me. It’s way too obvious, but it could work. If the installments raise the interest of a new reader, they will probably buy and read the other books, the novels, as well, right?

The only problem is that these installments are painfully boring. At least for me, they were. I’m sure the actual books are way more exciting, but this choosing method simply doesn’t work. If you choose the parts of a book where certain foods or recipes turn up, these parts wouldn’t necessarily be the parts that are interesting and exciting enough to raise the interest of a person who finds themself in the middle of the story.

After realizing this, I started to concentrate on the cookbook aspect. Because, well, this IS a cookbook. The results are mixed. The recipes are good, though I feel like they are unnecessarily repetitive. (Come on, I’m creative enough on my own to change simply one or two ingredient in a recipe to my taste, or to match my own ingredients in my home.) But what made this cookbook ever so boring to me was that there weren’t any pictures! Not even drawn ones. I’m not sure, though, that it stays so in the ready, published version. I hope not. I would have way more motivation to make and taste all these otherwise very good-sounding meals, if I had a chance to see the way they’re supposed to look like.

I rated this book 2 stars.

I got this book from Orange Grove Press via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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