Update at Times of Corona

Uncertain Reading and Blogging Plans at Uncertain Times

All our lives has been drastically changed in the matter of weeks, if not days – mine just as yours, all around the globe. It’s sad, scary, but hey guys – we’re all in this together!

Anyways, my plans can change, or rather be forced to change, in any minute, though right now I’m in my home, just like so many of us. As a healthcare worker, staying at home or not is not really my own choice. At the moment I’m home with my husband, we’re having our holidays, because the boss thought we cannot postpone it when we don’t yet know what will come, how long will it last – and that means other people will want to postpone their holidays, too, and we can’t all stop working in, say, december. Makes sense. Right now the situation here is not yet so drastic that we’re absolutely needed in the hospital. It can change at any minute, though.

So, while I have a lot of plans reading-wise, and a lot of ideas for my blog, at this uncertain time, I cannot be 100% sure that I can complete them all. We’re sitting here, and waiting for the call that says it’s too much, we have to go and help. Until then, I do what I can and try to relax.

So… update on my reading/blogging life!

  • The reason I post relatively few reviews is not that I don’t read, but that I have binge-read some 13 books from my favorite Hungarian writer (who’s not translated, so English reviews doesn’t really make sense).
  • I decided to subscribe to a book box for the first time ever – I want to try it out. I’ve just got my first box, I love it, and a post on the topic comes soon!
  • Until I have to work (so we don’t know exactly until when) I plan to write some book recommendation posts for the times when readers are stuck at home (well, for us bookish people it really isn’t that terrible, isn’t it…?).
  • I have several bookish and/or blogging-related projects on mind that I’m very excited about, and I’m definitely about to do them all, though the time-span here is a bit blurry now, regarding the situation we’re in.
  • My blog will be a bit improved – not much, but I already change the color to a slightly brighter, thus livelier green – and I have a new logo!
  • I also want to change the reviews page: I want them to be searchable by genre, author and title, too. It’s yet in the making, but I’m getting there. If you notice some problems with it, or something seems to be uncomplete, rest assured: it is! It’ll be ready in a couple of days.
  • I’m in the middle of creating a new home page.
  • I know I’ve been VERY unreliable with answering review requests during the last couple of months. I’m still surprised by how much I get! I know I’m terrible, but there are some from months ago that I haven’t read and answered. I’m sorry! I try to answer all my blog-related emails in the next couple of days.
  • Also, I try to read as many books as I can as long as I stay home.

And last, but not least…

  • I have a newsletter now! So, if you’d like to recieve some updates about my ideas, projects and posts, sign up! Then you will have some news from time to time, and not only the occasional reminder of a certain (the newest) post.

I hope you’re all well! Have strength, find the positiv in everything, and if you cannot, think of that you learn from everything that ever happens to you – and that in itself is a positiv thing.

Love you, guys!

Hugs 🙂

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