Monday Moodlifter 2020/1

Good news: the Monday Moodlifters are back!

I was thinking a lot about this before deciding to bring these posts back, because it takes a lot of time to have a weekly recurring post, and my schedule is pretty hectic. I decided to do it anyway.

I think in these times, which are hard for everyone, everywhere around the world, it is even more important than before that we’re taking at least a couple of minutes for light, uplifting thinking, even if it’s only once in a week. So, here it is: Monday Moodlifters are back!

Unfortunately, at the moment I am unable to restart This Week’s New Releases and Reviews as well – for that I would need tons of time that I just cannot afford right now. I’m thinking of a link-up version of the series sometime, but I’m not there yet. (I’m counting on your opinions in the question, though, so please, feel free to write a comment and discus this with me!)

1. This Week’s New Releases (covers at least)

For more information, visit this goodreads site: Most Popular Books Published In April 2020

Have you read any of these books, or are you planning to? I’d love some more thoughts on them! 😉

2. What happened on this day, April 13th, in previous years of history?

What a day for the birth of writers!

Which one of these is your favorite?

Happy birthday to all!

*Source: Wikipedia

3. The “Something Cute”:

orange tabby cat near window
Photo by Wojciech Kumpicki on

Don’t you just love this little one? With the serious, curious look on the face? *.*

I want one so much!!

So, that’s it for today!

Have a fun day, have a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate it!

Hug somebody from your household! If it’s not possible, just make a call, and if you don’t prefer that, just send a nice message to someone you care about! It makes all the difference in your day.

Hugs 😉

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