Monday Moodlifter – 01/21

I know, I know…

it’s been AGES since the last time I posted these Monday Moodlifters, and it might seem to be forced now…

…but when you work 3 weeks without any free days you kinda feel like you yourself need one.

And then you think, hell, why not make the others’ day a bit better, too?

So, here it is. And from now on, comes every monday again.

This weeks’ new book releases!

See all the wonderful covers? New books are born every day, waiting to be read.

Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

2. Let’s hear some music!

I’m pretty sure I already used this song, but it started totally random on my tracklist as I was writing this post, and this was SO exactly what I needed!! I must share it with you.

3. So… the something cute.

Originally I planed to share photos of my own kitty, she’s such an adorable little creature, I’m pretty sure you’d love her, too…but a black cat is soooo hard to photograph! It’s nearly impossible to take a good photo of her. It’s basically a black, blurry stain with two wide green eyes! 😀

So…you get this one instead.

Photo by cottonbro on

I wish you all a wonderful week – and when something doesn’t work the way you want to… just think of your favourit music and start to dance! Never let the world bring you down.

Love you all!

Hugs 🙂


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