Stars of the Season (Spring, 2019)

Time seems to be flying and we're again finding ourselves at the end of another season. I can't believe this is already the fourth Stars of the Season post I'm writing... That means my blog is almost a year old! It's still a bit surreal for me. In a good way, of course. So, summer's on its toes and can't wait for heating us to the point of boiling, and sweet, breezy spring has come to an end. (Yes, you guessed right, spring is my favorite season.) These last three months has been quite successful for me in the reading department, and I can't wait to share you which books I loved the most!

‘The Saxon Plague’ by Penny Ingham

Last week my blog was one of the many stops on the 'The Saxon Wolves' tour, and as I said then, the story seemed to form a unity with the sequel (not so much because of a cliffhanger, but because it's basically one story arc), and that made me want to read it forward right away. So... that's what I did! Here's my review of the sequel, 'The Saxon Plague'!

Blog Tour: ‘The Saxon Wolves’ by Penny Ingham

Today I bring you a historical novel that's set in the 5th century, in the chaotic times after the Roman Empire has fallen. I discovered this book because of the blog tour, thanks to Rachel's Random Resources. Let's drink a hot coffee (or tea, if that suits your taste better), and read everything there is to know about the book, including my review! 😉