I’m back! – A Master List of Book Releases of June and July + Reviews!

It has been a long hiatus, though to me it didn't seem to be one. Time flies. June and July have flied by so fast, and I can't keep up, shit things happening one after the other, and I'm still coping... But it's a process. I'm functioning now enough to write and interact on this blog. As I promised, this first post is a list of June releases (from June 3rd) and the reviews I found about them until now. You're all welcome to let me know if you have a review that I forgot to add. Since July is also over, I'm also sharing this month's books and reviews. Welcome back on Swift Coffee, everyone!


This Week’s New Book Releases And Reviews – 2019/15

A lot of new books coming out this week, and I couldn't be happier, because... ...it's also my birthday week! (Yeah, got the whole week idea from Gilmore Girls...) This year, my birthday is on Tuesday, which is also the day when most of the books get published! Yay! Let's see which books are the ones born on the same day as I did! 😀