‘Chocolate and Book’ Box Unboxing

My first ever Book Box has arrived! I couldn't be more excited. No, excited is not even the right word. Bewitched. Yes, I am bewitched!   I've been thinking about subscribing to a book box for at least a year now. What held me back were mostly two things: What if I wouldn't like the … Continue reading ‘Chocolate and Book’ Box Unboxing


A Summary of a Bad Year and Hopes for a Better One

So, as you've already might have found out, 2019 was a shit year for me. Reading-wise and in general, too.

I have started to work in a hospital, I have literally no free time to deal with my mental health, I lost two close relatives withing the matter of less than two months... it's tough. Since June I've pretty much no time and energy to read, not to mention to review, and I find it so sad! I have to make it work this year, I really need it to function as a human being.

Okay, I don't want to be so negative, I did get married this year, and that's something that makes me very happy! (And let's not get into the fact that we're still living with our 'temporary' flatmate, because she's simply not willing to move out...)

Though I'm very much behind with both reading and reviewing, I did manage to do many. So, here's the goodreads summery of my Year 2019!

‘Probably the Best Kiss in the World’ by Pernille Hughes

This review is a bit hard for me to write because I've actually read this book a couple of months ago, but I didn't have time to review it... of course I remember it (fortunately it was not that forgettable!), but the feel is somehow not the same as writing my thoughts and sentiments right away.

Let's try, though!

Announcement of Unexpected Hiatus

So many things have been happening that I don't even know how to start... Some of you have already noticed that I've been very absent during the last week, and especially in the last couple of days. If you caught my tweet about my postponed schedule, you already know that I have internet issues that … Continue reading Announcement of Unexpected Hiatus