Monday Moodlifter

Another Monday has come, and as you probably already know, I try to make it a little better every week.

We already missed a bus with my boyfriend today, so we arrived late to the dentist (his appointment, not mine! I’m still only trying to get myself to do a check-up…) I’m trying not to get very nervous and have a bad mood, the sun’s shining (it’s crazy hot, but who cares, right? 😅🔥 The dentist was kinda nice, too. She wasn’t very agitated about our lateness.

So, here’s some things to get your moods up a little:

1. I know I share new releases every week, but this time it would be a bit complicated, because we’re travelling today and I’m in and out of opportunities to write this post.

However, I kind of fell in love with the idea I had last week (about sharing your reviews of newly released books: here ), so I thought it may be a good thing to make that one a separate post, that everyone can visit from time to time during the whole week.

Nobody actually sent me their links last week, but I think it’s probably because I could only share a post late in the evening and a Monday post doesn’t sound very intriguing anymore at that time.

So I give it another try. If you have or will have a review on your blog during this week, and it is about a book that actually gets published this week, send me a link to your review, in the comment section, or using my contact page here! If the post is not yet published, it’s OK to only say so and later send it to me!

2. Here’s a Monday music for you:

(because Bangles is fun!)

Manic Monday – Bangles

3. Something cute:

This kitty wants you to be happy, too!

Don’t forget to hug somebody! And SMILE !!

Hugs 🙂

5 thoughts on “Monday Moodlifter

  1. Me, too! I’ve had some bad experiences with dentists, and ever since I just couldn’t get myself to go for a check-up. If I had severe complaints I would go, but otherwise I feel like I just don’t want to. 😅 It’s not something I’m very proud of, though, being a doctor and all 😅😏


  2. UGH I HATE the dentist… and they hate me. I can’t even have a checkup without being sedated 😅 I really like your idea with posting other peoples reviews, sadly I don’t have any for new releases this week. But I’ll keep you in mind when I do 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I’ll do the new releases post tomorrow, and I’ll update it during the whole week. I plan to make this a habit, so if you have something for any of the coming weeks, just let me know! 🙂

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