Monday Moodlifter #16

Hey guys, how are you feeling today? I'm sure even if you're okay in general, you could use some little helpings of joy that could lift a bit your mood on a Monday. I know I could! So, here's the usual Monday motivational, mood-lifter post: 1. Books! ❤ See these beauties? They're all born this … Continue reading Monday Moodlifter #16


Monday Moodlifter #14

Hey guys, these are my first days/weeks living abroad, and that's equally exciting and stressful. Is there anyone in my shoes? (...and is there anyone reading this living in Germany...or at least around the west border of Germany...? I'm just here saying hi virtually, now I'm here, too!) Anyways, a moodlifter would suit me well right now, and I know that whatever the reason for your anxiety and stress, it would probably good for you, too!

Monday Moodlifter #13

Hey guys, my life runs on a speedy train and I can't even catch a breath, everything's happening at the same time... yet a Monday is still a slow-going, never-ending entity that makes me want to crawl in my bed and don't come out. I don't give in to it, though. I know I should not, and there are many things to be joyful about.  It's the little things that make life happi(er), so here are this Monday's little things for you!

Monday Moodlifter #11

Hey guys, I'm very hopeful that this week will be awesome, because it's my birthday week! 😀 My birthday is tomorrow, and that gives me a bit of energy, as well as the spring that's already rolling on full speed! Our 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend is also this week. My wish is that everyone I know and/or interact with tomorrow, and this week, will have a joyful time, and I'm trying to convey all my energy to your direction!