‘Gods and Legions’ by Michael Curtis Ford

It’s time I write about this historical fiction book that I’ve actually read a while ago now… Grab your smelling coffee, and run through my thoughts! This is not going to be very long, I think. It’s… compact. 🙂

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It’s a book co-owned by my boyfriend and I. He enjoyed this one, and the first book in this loose series very much, and his enthusiasm was sticky! I wanted to read them, too. To see my thoughts on the previous book, click here: ‘The Ten Thousand’ by Michael Curtis Ford!


I read this book a bit slower than the other one, and because they’re very similar in style, and in a way in the topic, too, I felt I had to read other types of books between the two (as it happens to me all the time). This one was more of a war story than ‘The Ten Thousand’, but it was also a tale of how a person who’s (I can’t find a better word) completely normal at the beginning gets crazier and crazier when power has reached him. I mean, psychologically, I’m pretty sure he went insane, and it was thoroughly and enjoyably demonstrated.

I also enjoyed the banters between the Julian and Caesarius regarding religion, it was interesting to see, how everybody thinks that they’re beliefs are the truth, and nothing else. It was both scary and raised a smile.

I can’t say I liked any of the characters, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t good ones. I just couldn’t particularly associate with any of them. This may be because my thinking is pretty far from ancient roman, and even farther from being religious (which makes a huge part of this book). Taking the historical period the novel is set in, the characters behaved believably. I thought this strong bigotry started later with Christians, though. Sometime more into the dark Middle Ages…

Let’s Give It A Grade!

  1. Story: 4/5
  2. Characters: 4/5
  3. Style: 3/5
  4. The Subjective Factor: 4/5
  • GPA: 3.75


I can’t state that this book is very unique, because it’s so much alike the previous one in many ways. I don’t say it’s the same, though. It’s definitely worth reading, it’s not at all a copy version… I only say it’s similar in some aspects (as in, for example, having a friend telling the story, thus kind of making two main characters, and the theme of ancient men in battles).

Recommend to:

Those who like ancient roman history will probably like this book very much.

Drink tip:

Red wine

Music room:

Hm..let’s see. ‘Holy Wars…The Punishment Due’ by Megadeth, ‘East Jesus Nowhere’ by Green Day… ‘Pallas Athena’ by David Bowie. These might at least partially be my own thinking, rather than what the book suggests.

Wait, no. ‘The New Cult King’ by Mushroomhead. This is the best choice.


I still want to have all the other books by M.C. Ford, and I’d like to urge my mother to finally read the last one. I know, I know, I will probably not get to it for months…still. I want to have it back!

Have you read any books by this author? What did you think?

Hugs 🙂

4 thoughts on “‘Gods and Legions’ by Michael Curtis Ford

  1. This is a great review – thank you. I have never read a fiction about the Roman era but the way you describe it sounds interesting. Yes, the descent into madness of the very powerful…..psychology is my background and I love the kinds of dramas that occur within the person as well as in the outer setting. Thank you – it will be a step into completely new reading material for me.

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