Monday Moodlifter

Snow has come here, and I’m so happy it has! I love it before it gets all dirty and muddy after a while… and of course, because the weather has been going crazy for a while now, and mostly we’ve got snow and freeze in March. When I’m already fed up with winter and cold and stuff like that. That’s not cool. But now I’m happy about it because it’s finally snowing at the time it’s supposed to, and it’s beautiful, and finally, after so many years I can’t count, we’re having a potential for a white Christmas!

Other things to be joyful about:

1. Last big rush of newly published books before the Holidays:

Lots of new books, beautiful covers, lots of new ideas to read!

To check out the whole list, click here!

2. Music!

(no, it’s still not Christmas music. Let’s save that for next week! 😉 )

3. Adorablenesssss:

close up photo of brownish labrador retriever puppy
Photo by on

I hope you guys have a wonderful day and a wonderful week! 😉

Hugs 🙂


5 thoughts on “Monday Moodlifter

  1. I Do Not Hook Up might actually be a perfect holiday song, considering how many people are going to holiday parties and (possibly) hooking up and then on the other side, how many family members are getting ready to grill each other on “did you meet someone yet? are you dating?”

    Maybe I’ll just put that song on blast haha.

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    1. Yeah, you’re right! I haven’t considered this angle so far, but it’s legit. 😅
      I do have a boyfriend, though, for almost 3 years now, but that doesn’t actually stop these questions. It just turns into ‘when are you getting married?’ (we’re not even engaged) and ‘don’t you want a baby? When are you planning to have kids?’ I think it’s never gonna stop 🤔😅

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