Monday Moodlifter

Hey, guys!

How’s today going for you?

For me it’s semi-good, semi-bad. On the bad side, I’m having an aching back for some days (well, a week) now, so it’s really bad doing anything that’s not lying flat. Unfortunately that hasn’t been an option so far – good news is that it will be for now on, so in a couple of days it’s probably gonna be better.

On the plus side: I finally passed my driving exam, so I’m legally able to drive from now on! 😊

Let’s see what other things are out there to be happy about!

1. Another crazy amount of new book releases!

Aren’t the covers just pretty?

To see the whole list and the reviews as well, click here!

2. Music !!!

3. Something adorable for the week:

I wanna play with him so much!!

What are you doing today? How this week has started for you?

You know, I’m always here to chat! 😉

Hugs 🙂

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